Welcome! I'm Melissa, a mom, developmental therapist, and the granddaughter of the real-life Rosie the Riveter! Knowing what good parenting looks like and being confident is important. I’m here to give you the "We Can Do It" inspiration needed when life gets difficult. My Rust Belt Grandma made life work during the hardest times in history, both living through the Great Depression and World War II. She was an unstoppable force. Let’s journey together using the insight she left with me to grow strong and resilient families, through whatever difficulty comes our way.

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For Parents: Parenting tips when things get difficult, ideas for focusing and de-stressing, organizing family life in new ways, and strategies and tutorials to be more self sufficient and resilient.

For Kids: Engaging activities at home, developmental milestones that are always important to ensure are being met, calming sensory activities with heart, focus and emotional resilience, kids food, music, multi-cultural lessons, and ideas to help them thrive when things get tough!

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