Make Homemade Rice Milk With Kids (Without the Arsenic)




I make my own rice milk. My whole family enjoys it, but because I am lactose intolerant, I have to drink rice milk.

One day I tried to make my own and it tasted 100% better than anything you could buy in a box. Just a little time investment makes for great rice milk, and I can by organic rice to make sure it doesn’t have high levels of pesticide.

Why an I concerned about rice milk and pesticides? The pesticide that is used most frequently is arsenic. High levels of arsenic in any food or water are not a good idea to eat.

Even organic rice may have arsenic, but Lundberg Family Farms does test their rice for arsenic and reports to the FDA. So, I choose Lundberg as my rice supplier. If you click the Lundberg Family Farms link you will find a detail description of their position and test results on arsenic. (I do not have an affiliation with Lundberg Family Farms).

Many rice supplies don’t check for arsenic. Many boxed rice milks don’t either.

But, it turns out that it is really simple to make rice milk, and making it with kids can be another great slow food experience. Slowing down to show our kids how to make great food is a lesson in mindful eating. It can teach them how to be mindful with their own food in their future as well.

Making rice milk with your kids is a lesson in mindful eating. Making your own rice milk keeps out arsenic

Fresh milk without arsenic!

Plus this milk is great on ice or in our morning cereal. It can be used anywhere a milk substitute is used. It really can’t be beat!

The boxed rice milk in the stores don’t stand a chance in our house. Once you make it yourself, you will say “Bye Bye Box” too!

How to Make Rice Milk At Home without Arsenic

4 cups organic white rice
1 gallon filtered water
2 cinnamon sticks
Anywhere from 2 tablespoons to 1/4 of a cup of real maple syrup

Toast the cinnamon sticks until fragrant.

Soak the rice, water and cinnamon sticks over night.

Next day cook the rice.

Then in your blender or food processor, blend soaked rice 1 cup at a time, with about 2-3 cups water. You can add more filtered water if you like. Strain the pureed milk into a bowl using a fine mesh strainer. Try to get all the liquid out of the puree.

Add maple syrup to taste.

Let us know if you tried this. We would love to get your feedback.

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