Kombucha Tea for a Healthy Family

Fresh Homemade Kombucha

Fresh Homemade Kombucha

Kombucha Tea is easy to make. After a yoga class on day, I found a farmers market nearby that was selling a Kombucha Tea kit for 5 dollars. I usually pick up some Kombucha after yoga class at the market nearby, but I figured I’d try to make my own this time and I sure glad I did.

Not only is it tasty to make, it has probiotics for a healthy gut.  Apparently with just a simple starter kit, which included a scoby and 2 cups of Kombucha, I was able to make about 3 quarts of Kombucha beverage in 1 week. Best of all I get to recycle the same scoby to make more and more over the coming weeks. Just add tea, sugar and a little love, and we’ve got a great summer bubbly beverage for my husband and me, and kombucha popsicles for my daughter and her friends!

The added benefit hidden within kombucha’s unique taste is its probiotic punch. It’s a fermented food and the scoby is actually a growing probiotic culture. That means when you drink it, the probiotic in your drink benefit your  stomach and gut! Keeping healthy bacteria in the digestive tract is a good idea to keep digestion working well! This is super important for overall health. And it couldn’t be tastier!

I did this with my oldest kiddo and it turned into a full fledged science experiment. Gigi could not figure how this was going to work, and she didn’t really understand probiotics. A few science books, and we turned the confusion into amazement. And all while introducing a rather mindful drink.

This is how to make Kombucha tea

A refreshing tea for the whole family! Healthy too!

As a note, I have heard that since different scoby are started using different strains of pro-biotic bacteria, some are better than others. Luckily, my scobie has worked out just fine. However, I have had my share of Kombucha that made my stomach feel strange and my nose itchy. My solution is that I stick with scoby started with the GT brand Kombucha.

Here is the recipe to make Kombucha tea:

Materials : I make sure all of my materials are super clean! We are fermenting and I want to have a very clean fermentation process. Also, make sure kids are supervised when making this 100% of the time. Hot water is dangerous and portions of this process that include hot water should be done by adults. Kids will totally enjoy the process of watching the scoby grow!

1 gallon glass jug (like a big pickle jar or pitcher with a lid you can cover with some cloth or a loose lid ( I like a little air circulating but don’t want dust and other particles falling inside the jar!)

Measuring cup

Pot in which to boil water

1 candy thermometer

8 black tea bags ( I use organic decaf black tea)

12 oz mason jars for storing finished beverage


3 quarts purified water

1 cup organic cane sugar

8 bags of black tea (can use organic decaf black tea too)

1 scobie starter kit.  I bought my own scoby starter kit from a farmer at the Pittsburgh Organic Farmers Market. You can look online for them too!


Steep 8 black teabags into 3 quarters of 180 degree water for 10-20 minutes. Remove teabags and stir in 1 cup of organic sugar and allow to cool completely before adding the contents of the kombucha starter jar. Ferment for 7 days. Leave the entire batch at room temperature. A kitchen counter away from the stove would be good. If you feel your batch is contaminated, throw it away and start again. Mold or anything but brownish strands under the scoby is not good. Error on the side of caution. Also, read up on kombucha before making it, as the more you know the better.

To re-culture, make fresh tea by directions above and add the original scoby and 2 cups of fermented kombucha from the previous batch.

Also, I drink about 1 glass a day. I use this amount in order to get my dose of natural probiotics, without overdoing it. I give my daughter Kombucha popsicles and she really enjoys them, even more so because she helped make them! See my pinterest page under Healthy Party Food- Summer to get the details on the popsicles.

Kombucha. Science in action!! Too cool.




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