Easy Toddler Recipe: Strawberry Cones!

Strawberry cones!

Strawberry cones!

Sometimes I work so hard to think of healthy food for myself and my family to eat. My daughter taught me how simple it can be when she was just a toddler, putting parts of her lunch together to make a healthy snack that not only tastes great, but looks appetizing too. Her toddler recipe makes for a truly beautiful food!

This recipe could also turn into a fun cooking game for kids! Kids can try to make a  super tall strawberry tower or just add nut-butter to “glue” other fruits to the cone to make Creative Cone Creatures! Cooking games for kids make eating fun, especially for toddlers who sometimes like to have a say in what they eat. Giving toddlers a fun cooking game will make the fruits go down easier!

Fresh Strawberries (sliced)
Ice Cream Cone (GF if needed)

As a safety reminder, make sure pieces are cut to the size that is safe for your toddler. (Bigger pieces are for bigger kids.)

Assembly. Enjoy! Yummi!

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