ToT School: Every Parent Can Teach Book Launch

 Tot School launch collage

TOT School: Every Parent Can Teach
With Melissa at Swami Mommi a contributor

Do you feel like you want to teach your toddler, but want some creative ideas to get started? Do you want to save money on materials or feel confident in your approach? Then ToT School: Every Parent Can Teach is the e-book for you!

Here at Swami Mommi we are proud to put this e-book in the hands of caring parents. This book can give insight no matter which approach you use to teach. From a free play environment to a more structured setting, you will find resources that work. Empowering, enlightening, and comprehensive this book offering is sure to get you teaching and your toddlers learning.

Here is the link to get your copy today: Tot School: Every Parent Can Teach



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