Easy Ways to Have a Corny Summer !

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Our kitchen is spotlighting healthy foods in an effort to make a Nutritional “FARM”acy we can use when meal planning.  A CORNY undertaking no doubt which makes this weeks focus of corn all the more relevant. Good things are in the foods we eat, and we want to know what they are. We want to know how to cook them up tasty, and as an added bonus were asking kids why they love them! So get your cutting board ready, whether you have a picky eater or athlete to feed; this week we are focusing on CORN! (We prefer Non-Gmo Corn.)

What’s In Corn? : For good energy, corn provides the B vitamins: B3 an B5. There is vitamin C and zinc for healthy immune function. Folate is present for reproductive health along with fiber for good heart health and good cholesterol levels. Corn also contains beta-carotene and magnesium.

How To Eat Corn:  Corn can be ground into meal and used as a flour, but the most nutritious form is the corn grown fresh on the cob. With Non-Gmo fresh corn cobs hard to find these days, it’s good to know that canned and frozen sweet corn retains most of nutrients found in the fresh cobs.

Why Do Kids Love To Eat Corn?: Kids are saying that they “love corn on the cob”, “love to eat frozen corn kernels for a fresh summer snack”, and “love corn on the top of a salad to make it look colorful!”

Check out the Swami Mommi Pinterest page for great corn recipes, ideas for picky eaters and corny side dishes!

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