Last Minute Witches’ Fingers: Sensory Play for the Brave Only!

This quick sensory activity is all fun…and takes only 5 minutes.

witches' fingers

First get a pen and a label. If masking tape is all you have, no problem.


Make a label that says “Pickled Witches Fingers”

Next, get some water and some carrots, preferably not peeled! Also, long and thin work best.

Add the label to a mason jar, fill the jar with water and carrots and put a lid on the works!


Lastly, I put them on the table with dinner.

Everyone giggled and was grossed out! But, they still wanted to touch them.

  I have found this jar in strange places all over the house since then. Apparently little ghouls trying to spook mommy.

Looks like it’s this family’s Halloween favorite! Maybe it will be your family’s too!

Respectfully, if you don’t celebrate Halloween, you can change the theme to Farmers’ Fingers to celebrate the harvest, or use skeleton fingers made of white carrots for Dia de Los Muertos!

Enjoy the Season!

2 thoughts on “Last Minute Witches’ Fingers: Sensory Play for the Brave Only!

  1. Cute!! We did something similar last year ….. One jar we did was labeled small animal brains (which animal? Can’t remember and i am too lazy to look downstairs at the moment). Anyway, we used pecans and walnuts. I forgot to take them out last Halloween, put the jar away in storage and wow do they look scary this year!!! So I guess if you want the witches fingers to get even creepier, let them hang out in the jar until next year?????? I am actually afraid to open our jar so maybe we will just keep it sealed??

    Hope that you are all doing well!

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