Mindfulness and Yoga for Happy Kids

Swami Mommi will help you learn to be mindful, to take care of yourself as a parent, and to use practical parenting strategies that help your child grow up happy.

Let’s make sure we never lose sight of the Amazing and Mysterious Bond we have with our kids.

yoga and mindfulness help parents and children frow more focused.

Moms that are mindful nurture focused children.

Mindful Parenting is our ability to attend to the present moment we have with our kids and family. Allowing with curiosity what the present moment will reveal to us as parents, applying no judgement or guilt. It’s connecting with Life that is greater than ourselves and letting go of control.

Mindful Parenting is being who we REALLY are and being aware of the amazing job we have inherited in the job of parenting.

Mindfulness is the opposite of distraction. It is applying focus to our daily life.

As a therapist and mom, working with kids daily and having a brood of my own, my level of focus affects my kids. In the beginning, I was anything but.

I had “enough” focus to function, to learn, to make my way though daily routines and even get through college with honors. I learned pretty quick that working with kids and having my own, required a whole new level of focus.

When I realized what I needed to do to refocus and become mindful, it simply took my breath away.

Do you feel like you want more focus in daily life, but feel addicted to distraction?

If you answer yes, keep breathing.

Over the past 17 years, I have traveled the globe, trained under masters, learned about yoga and mindfulness, and asked God more than once for direction on what to do next. How could I be more focused and mindful and focused while at the same time working and starting and then raising a family? I don’t have all the answers, and certainly not answers that will work for everyone, but what I have learned along the journey to mommy mindfulness is what I will share with you on this blog. One day at a time, one idea at a time, one effort at a time.

The good news is, what I learned worked! It worked for me, my husband, my kids and many of my therapy students. Mindfulness is closer that you might think.

Do you remember the amazing connection you dreamed of having with your kids, or once new but have forgotten?

Would you like to know how to buy and cook healthy food for your kids, and have you kids actually eat them?

Would you like to be more mindful about your family, work and life in general, and have your kids pay attention more?

Do you want to see your kids have fun playing instead of being connected to a device so much of the time?

Parents and kids work together to find their way to mindfulness.

In our hectic lifestyle, parents and kids need a map to find mindfulness. Taking the journey together is joyful in and of itself.

Take this quick quiz to see if you are in need of more mindfulness in your daily life:

  1.  Do you wonder if you are really managing life in a way that your family can thrive?
  2. Do you ever feel like you and your kids are over scheduled?
  3. Do you feel like there are times when your kids are under nourished.
  4. Do you feel like your kids are given far to little free time?
  5. Do you feel like your kids are loaded down with expectations?
  6. Are you or your kids just plain tired?
  7. Do you see your kids having problems emotionally and socially in this fast paced world?
  8. Do you have the time to research what is best for your family’s current daily needs?
  9. Ever wonder if your kids are eating what they need to grow strong and healthy?

From my own life experience, 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, working in pediatric occupational therapy for 15 years, then as a mom 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, helping my family grow, I failed this quiz.

If you failed it too, keep breathing.

I myself have read the research, undertaken my own research studies, and created best practices for how to care for children. I have also stayed up late cooking nutritious meals, wondered how to give my own child the best sensory play experiences, and nearly lost myself on all the great ideas family blogs on the internet! Mindfulness was the ever present constant challenge. The bond between my husband and children that I was reengaging with was my constant motivation.

I hope you join me on this ever unfolding journey of love.

Mindful parenting is getting connected and experiencing joy and love with your kids




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