mindful mom kisses her daughter

Love. IT works.

Swami means “Mindful Master” and mastering motherhood is what Swami Mommi’s do. We strive to find our true selves to help our kids and family. We use what we know to grow, and we work to realize our deepest selves.

Cut the bull, we want the real thing. The truth that will lead to joy, happy kids, a blissful family, and a warm heart.

We’re a tribe. Supportive of each other.

If this Swami Mommi website is your first exposure to what we are all about…Welcome. Please stay and learn and grow.

The word “Swami” comes from Sanskrit, an ancient yogic language from India. Weather you are Christian, Catholic (like me), Hindu, Muslim, Jew, or Buddhist you are welcome here. The word “Swami” is used to help bring the idea of “mindful master” to the front of you mind. This is a multi-cultural group, and everyone’s truth and knowledge is much appreciated and welcomed.

So stay with us awhile. Join our newsletter by signing up with your e-mail. You won’t miss a beat as you too become a Swami Mommi and “Master Motherhood”.