Sensory Play for Babies and Kids.

Babies learn through their senses. So do kids.

Sensory activities make sure they learn and grow their brain.

Make sure your child gets good brain food!

Use all of these sensory play tutorials for parenting success!

Here are a few posts to get you started on great sensory play your kids will love!

Direct links to Sensory Tutorials:

A Better Way To Swing You Kids

movement play on a swing

Design Awesome Outdoor Sensory Play

outdoor sensory play for kids

Baby Sensory Play: Don’t make the #1 Mistake (I did!)

how to do sensory play with kids without mistakes


Seasonal Baby Sensory Tutorials:

Baby Sensory Play for Halloween

halloween cute bug


Make Easy Witches’ Fingers

Use food for an old fashioned withces fingers trick!

Food Fun For A Silly Halloween Sensory Activity

Pebbles and Dancing: How Mindful Sensory Play Found Me

This playground is fun when experienced mindfully.

Pebbled playground leads to fun sensory play.

Mindful Sensory Play In the Family Garden

Nature teaches our children to be more thoughtful and calm

Planting a garden helps kids to be more mindful and grounded.

Mindful Parenting: Don’t Lose Your Kids To the Rat Race

Kids playing in unstructured activites is joyful for kids.


Want Calmer Kids? How Being Mindful Parents Greatly Reduces Mental Health Risks For Our Children

A kids asking for love.

When We Are Mindful, Each Day Is A New Adventure Unfolding Just As It Should Be.