Baby and Preschool Songs for Daily Activities

Mindful parenting is made easy if you have songs that make routine activities fun, calming and positive. As a therapist, mom and musician I write songs on the spot all day long. I use the melodies from  the age old favorites as well as tunes I just make up my own.

I have found that songs make any activity fun, so mundane activities like hair brushing, getting dressed or toileting aren’t so boring and routine once music is added. Songs add a buffer between the task and the expectation, and instead of being anxious or nervous or bored, these tasks can become a bonding time with mom and dad.

Get silly, stay focused, and sing your heart out. If you do, teaching babies and preschoolers routine tasks will be a breeze. This is mindful parenting at it’s best!

Kids songs for Social Interaction/Play

This is a fun little song I wrote to play hid and seek and peek-a-boo with my kids and clients. They really like it and it makes for a good transition into reading books about bunnies such as Guess How Much I Love You or Knuffle Bunny.

Red Tail Bunny (copyright Misra 2017)

One little bunny stole mommy’s heart.

One little bunny stood apart.

Oh this little bunny, mommy loves so!

Oh, where did the little bunny go?!

A baby rabbit song for kids to learn!

Baby rabbit is so cute!


Getting Hair Wet, Combed and Brushed

This is a great way to start early preschoolers out on the right when spraying their hair with water and hair brushing. If you gently sing this song, and you hit the occasional knot in your child’s hair, your child will hear the tenderness in your voice and loving words and not get as agitated. They will be attending mainly to your song!

This actually worked really well with my daughter. She didn’t like the water mist that I would spray on her hair to tame it after sleeping. The song made it work and she doesn’t mind hair brushing at all. I added some fun with cute hair clips and showed her how I put them in my hair too. She now also loves “fancy” hair with clips and ribbons!

baby finger combing her hair.

Clean cared for hair is so beautiful! Baby likes her hair and associates it with a loving song.

“Raining in Your Hair” Song: (copyright Misra 2016)

It’s Raining, It’s Raining, It’s Raining In Your Hair

It’s Raining , It’s Raining, It’s Raining In Your Hair

Rain comes from up above,

Coming down with lots of love.

It’s Raining, It’s Raining, It’s Raining In Your Hair

It’s Raining , It’s Raining, It’s Raining In Your Hair

Toileting Songs that Keep Baby Hopeful

This song helps babies to calm down so they can do their business. They really want to do a good job on the toilet, so as a parent, this song is sure to help them.

A calm baby is always better at learning. I start the task of toileting by sitting baby on the toilet while looking at some books. Once I’m ready to really focus on getting things in the toilet, a few days later, I use this song.

Babies will try to get their business in the toilet. Sometimes they will strain or push, but the song works to calm them down, and that is when things really start to flow! My daughter was so calm and entertained with this song, she pooped and didn’t even realize it!

This is a good song for at home AND when you are out and about. It will calm baby and remind her that she knows what she is doing,  and that can be really helpful when using a toilet in a different place. The toilet may be different, but the song will be the same.

baby listening to a toileting song

Baby will sit longer and feel hopeful that they will be successful if they have a song to put their attention on. Mom or dad can be so comforting when they sing!

“Sit on the Toilet” Song

Sit, sit , Sit on the toilet!

Sit, sit, sit on the toilet!

Sit, sit, sit on the toilet!

So I can put poop and pee in it!

Poop, poop, poop.

Pee, pee, pee.

Poop and Pee come out of me!

Getting Dressed Is Easy With a Little Dressing Song

Getting dressed is something I find most 2 year olds will start to do on their own. One day you’ll be trying to dress them, and all of sudden your little one is trying to get their feet in the pants or trying to get a shirt over their head! It’s just the cutest.

This song is good to start early. Once you start to get a daily routine going where they are getting dressed, even if they are under 6 months, it’s a great idea to sing them this song. It keeps them calm as they listen to your voice, even if you are in a hurry. Your voice will keep things moving and keep them feeling secure. It’s a great time saver, and reduces the amount babies cry,  when you simply need to get on the road.

Once you baby or toddler starts dressing, you can use the song to keep them going when they haven’t yet mastered the motor skills or developmental milestones to actually get dressed. You can sing while helping them, and they feel like they are doing great instead of getting frustrated. They listen to the song and since the song is moving forward, they think they are moving forward in getting dressed on their own, too!

This song can be repeated for as many times as it takes to get the job done!

toddler who go himself dressed. A mindful parent can teach him a song to learn how.

Getting dressed has so many part to a toddler who is first learning. A song can keep them calm and focused.

“Let’s Get Dressed” Song

Armies in! Armies in! Armies in!

In, in , in in your shirt!

Feet in! Feet in! Feet in!

In, in, in, in your pants (socks!)

Jammies on! Jammies on! Jammies on!

On, On, On, on your leg, arm, foot, etc.

Mealtime Songs Can Be Really Fun…and successful!

When your baby and toddler is learning to eat, did you ever realize you have a captive audience? Your baby is watching your every move, figuring our what you are giving them, listening to the sound of your voice for cues, and ready to touch whatever you give them. Maybe even play with it!

What a wonderful time to entertain you kiddo with some songs that give a positive message about eating. As long as you give them nutritious foods, very few babies will have feeding issues. Junk food…processed food…well that is another story for another day. As long as you are positive, the food is positive, and the songs are positive, feeding should be a fun and bonding time for both parents and baby.

I find most parents and teachers are very mindful about feeding time. It’s the time they get to choose what and how they are going to feed their baby, and most parents are very conscious about the food they select. Its a great time to be aware of what we are saying to our kids too. Songs make it easy to start our little ones on the road to a lifetime of good eating. It’s always easier to start with good habits, and these songs make it easy!

A baby learns to eat with songs!

Mealtime is messy, fun, and a super bonding time for parents and kids! Make meals even better with mindful mealtime songs!

“It Is Fun To Learn To Eat” (copyright)

It is fun to learn to eat!

Carrots, celery, or chicken meat.

Eating food can be really fun,

Potatoes and Peas, Please give me some!

Mom and Dad’s Cooking Song

Drip, Drip, Drip

Plop, Plop, Plot

Who’s gonna cook you some yummies!

Mix, Mix, Mix

Stir, stir, Stir

Who’s gonna cook some yummies for you!

Chicken Everywhere Song! (copyright)

Chicken on my plate,

Oh don’t be late.

Chicken on my plate,

It’s going to taste great!

Chicken in the pot,

Cookin good and hot!

Chicken in the pot,

Please give me a lot!

Chicken on the grill,

Oh what a thrill!

Chicken on the grill,

What a great meal!

A Bedtime Song Idea  Special To Your Child Only

Bedtime can be a tricky time of the day. Kids sometimes don’t want to go to bed, afraid they will miss out on something while they are sleeping. Other times, they will try to sleep but can’t calm. One Song idea that has worked in both of these situations, is to sing your child a lullaby about their day.

Start in the morning with what they ate and what they picked to wear. Then move through the day in the sequence that is happened making sure to tell them all the good things they did and interesting things they learned. Make the song as long as you need to in order that they focus on the words and begin to calm down. A rocking chair and a cuddle seems to help a lot, and allow sleep to envelope babies and toddlers quite magically.

The trick is to use a calming tone, a soft melody and words that they love to hear. They will fall asleep happy with themselves, their day, and looking forward to the next day knowing sleep is what they need to make it great!

Here is a list of additional resources for parents who want to make bedtime with their kids a mindful experience with songs and music.

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