Feeding Your Baby

You got your baby through 6 months of new life here on the earth. You were barely awake through most of it, but still what an amazing time! Now it’s time for Baby Feeding.


Mindful parenting and parenting that follows the normal child development is always good with good results.

Even if you don’t eat well, don’t worry. You can do it.

Even if you are picky, don’t worry. You can do it.

Register here with Swami Mommi, to get the Baby Feeding Guide FREE so you can get started confidently. Feeding baby should be easy, and inexpensive and The Baby FeedingĀ  Guide will get you started, helping your baby be a Happy Eater.

Check Out These Baby Feeding Links

Baby’s First Foods: Specifically for babies having their first few meals. We are talking the first few weeks when we focus on exploring flavors, preventing food allergies, and having fun! (Did I mention taking pictures!!!)

Baby Food Chart: An Easy and Quick Food Planning Guide For Busy Moms Organized and Simple. I made a chart, so you don’t have to.

Feeding Your Baby With Tips and Tricks That Work: All the tips and tricks I came up with through almost 20+ years of working in the field of developmental baby feeding. Know what foods cause gas in babies, foods to avoid for allergy or other reasons, and developmental milestones your baby needs to have for successful eating.

The Best Baby Food Recipes: Here you will find all the nourishing goodness Swami Mommi has to offer. Mother made it, baby ate it!

Products and Supplies I Recommend: These simple items will make life so easy for you. Weather you have them already, or need to pick them up, they are essential to making Feeding baby easy and inexpensive.