Baby Feeding Products and Supplies

There are so many factors that go into baby feeding. I have learned this with my own kids and through working with children over the years.

One of the most important facts about teaching kids to eat food- is that most of the time it’s not about the food at all. It’s about so many other things. The choices, the time of day, the examples of other eaters who live with them, the textures they touch, the utensils they have, the patience level of the parents, and how often the dog barks during the meal! Yes, so much to consider!!


Baby's First foods

Here are my top pics for gear.  These are the basics.

What every mom needs. Nothing More.

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Books: (Free!)

Feeding Baby: Happy Eating Essentials

It’s quick and easy and gives moms an easy approach to baby’s first foods. Tips on feeding the whole family along with baby, which foods are safest, and how to make them quick! This was written by Melissa, an it’s free. Every baby should be a Happy Eater!

Feeding the Whole Family

A great cookbook. My first that taught me how to cook for myself, as well as the whole family in easy and efficient recipes. Even baby gets included in every one! Cynthia Lair has been on faculty for Bastyr University’s Department of Nutrition and Exercise Science since 1994 and is founder of their Nutrition and Culinary Arts program. She knows her stuff, so the food tastes great and is healthy too. A mindful cookbook for sure!


Cuisinart Food Processor

Could not live without this device. It has to be big enough to really puree well. I had a smaller one and it just wouldn’t do it. So I recommend getting this one. It works great to get almost liquid texture, which is what you will need to feed baby their first food.

8 oz Mason Jars

These jars are so handy. Plus you never have to worry about phthalates in plastic again! I like glass because I am sure there isn’t any leeching into the food, they store really nice, travel nice and clean really well. They also heat really well and can also be used to freeze food for baby if given an inch of head-space at the top of each jar.

Glass Baby Bottles

These bottles provide baby enough wight to start practicing holding the bottle. The weight gives baby the input needed to really learn the skill of holding a bottle over time. They aren’t too heavy and provide a nice lesson in taking sips (not the whole bottle). After the food is eaten, baby can finish up the bottle to round out the meal.

Stainless Steel Spoon

I would love to make it a silver spoon but they cost $100! So we’ll go with the stainless option with an adorable bear pattern. The bears make it fun for you, and with all the time your going to be spending feeding, why not make it cute and fun! I like metal over plastic, because I had been shown by a research professor at Carnegie Mellon University that plastic placed in hot foods melts a little. It’s not recommended. Yuck.