Baby’s First Foods

Working with hundreds of children and families on feeding skills and routines still did not fully prepare me for feeding my own kids. My goodness, thank God I had all the experience I had because it is very challenging still.

To combat the old trickster of self doubt, media advertising of “what” I should feed my baby, and good old fashioned baby antics, I realized myself I could benefit from having some tricks up my own sleeve. That way, no trickster had a chance to mess with my Happy Eaters! And, for the most part, it worked.

So here are the best Tips and Tricks I know.

Additionally, if you want a very quick and easy resource to get your baby eating nourishing food, while still leaving you time to enjoy time with your baby and not feel stressed from cooking, check out Swami Mommi Baby Food Chart: An Easy Grocery List and Baby Feeding Plan.

We can also learn so much from other cultures and people. I was blessed to have this African recipe for stage 1 feeders (6 month to 12+ month olds) provided by Nutrition Normalized. Check it out as it is packed with the right nutrition every growing baby needs. It’s here at Recipe for 6 Month To 1 Year+ That Is Nutritious and Necessary For First Feedings: Don’t Let Your Baby Be Malnourished


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Feeding Baby: Happy Eating Essentials

This is a guide that every mom should have when they think about how they are going to be feeding baby and their family.

Additionally, check out my guide for constipation in your babies and kids. I made mistakes but I hope what I learned can be useful to you and your little one.  Just check out the article I wrote entitled Avoid Constipation: Don’t Make the #1 Baby Feeding Mistake (I did!)

If you are a mom who is curious how to ensure a HAPPY eater, the tips below will help get you started on the right path. These are the essentials for feeding baby first foods.


Baby feeding should be fun! We hope this guide helps you and your little one!