Baby Food Chart

When I am busy, and I want to still be mindful of what my baby is eating, I get my Baby Food Chart. Because it is a food chart of food ideas, as well as a grocery checklist I can grab it and go.

Sure it took me  a little time to make initially, but I share it with parents when I work with their babies on feeding. I figure it is time well spent, a pay it forward endeavor.

This list is a first level baby food chart and grocery list. It goes through stage 1 and 2 of baby feeding if those level numbers are what you use as a reference. Another way to look at it is by age, with this list being for babies 6 months to 1/5 years.

The main idea to remember here is that you know what your baby can tolerate, so you should NEVER give you baby a food they do not know how to handle or that may cause a choking hazard. Puree, mash, or smash the food on the checklist relative to what your baby can manage.

You can view the recipes for the more specific food ideas on the checklist by clicking on the links below, just in case you wonder what to do with the ingredients once you have them in your pantry.

This is a baby food chart and grocery list for babies 6 months to 1.5 years.

Feed your baby well with this checklist made with health and nutrition in mind.