Baby Food Chart: An Easy and Quick Food Planning Guide For Busy Moms.

When I am busy, and I want to still be mindful of what my baby is eating, I get my Baby Food Chart. Because it is a food chart of food ideas, as well as a grocery checklist I can grab it and go.

This Baby Food Chart goes through stage 1 and 2 of baby feeding if those level numbers are what you use as a reference. Another way to look at it is by age, with this list being for babies 6 months to 1/5 years.

The main idea to remember here is that you know what your baby can tolerate, so you should NEVER give you baby a food they do not know how to handle or that may cause a choking hazard. Puree, mash, or smash the food on the checklist relative to what your baby can manage.

You can read up further on how this chart has been helpful and useful to my family and other families at Swami Mommi Baby Food Chart: An Easy Grocery List and Baby Feeding Plan.

You can check out all the easy and quick recipes for the foods on the chart below. It’s all organized on this one page. You could literally, feed your baby well just by saving this one page to you device and referencing it at the grocery store and home!

This is a baby food chart and grocery list for babies 6 months to 1.5 years.

Feed your baby well with this checklist made with health and nutrition in mind.


Easy, Quick, Nutritious Recipes for Mindful Eating

Broth: Magic Mineral Broth Link for the Whole Family-Baby too!

Pasta Sauce:


Basic Gravy:

Scrambled Eggs:

Gluten Free Oatmeal:

Baby Custard:

Baked Chicken:

Crock Pot Chicken:

Steamed Food For Baby:

Roasted Food For Baby:

Best Drinks for Baby: