Consulting is available for therapy topics such as improved attention and handwriting locally in Pittsburgh . If you are interested in pre-handwriting or handwriting (print or cursive) skills for you child please fill out the form below. Local requests are handled in private sessions over the course of several weeks or months.

Some topics Include:

  • Blissful Postpartum Routines for Pregnant Couples and their babies
  • Handwriting
  • Attentional Skills for Kids
  • Understanding Sensory Processing Issues for Efficient Intervention
  • Parenting Hacks for Confident Parenting
  • Feeding skills ( parents who want strategies in feeding picky eaters and/or non-picky eaters, who want healthier options, need help in getting good food in,  or need allergen-free feedings.)

Additional information will be provided upon receipt of your request.

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