Favorite Holiday and Seasonal Music Resources

Holiday Music for Kids

Kids Learn About Music by Listening To Good Music.

Holiday and Seasonal Music Resources for Kids

As a musician, within a musical family, a pediatric developmental therapist, a mom who enjoys learning about new cultures and as a woman who knows love and experience are great catalysts to learning- I know that music is one of our great teachers.\

The following resources will be a work in progress, with constant additions throughout the year. Starting in January 2018, these holiday musical resources are assured to be perfect for you and your kids. Weather a teacher, mom, therapist, or lover of music, you won’t be let down by these musical resources. They have been tested and approved.

The best part about great music for kids, is this. -Kids learn to play and sing music simply by being exposed to good quality music when they are young. The trick is in finding good music. We hope these Swami Mommi Holiday Music Resources make your kids listening adventures marvelous.

Holiday and Seasonal Music for Kids

Winter Songs for Kids

Teach Cultural Diversity with the Best Hanukkah Music For Kids

Calming Songs for Kids: Valentine’s Day Music Guide for Mindful Moms!

Auditory Sensory Play: Good St. Patrick’s Day Songs for Your Little Leprechaun!

Summer Songs For Kids

Free Song for Blueberry Season Giving Kids Inspiration to Reach for Their Dreams.