Feeding Baby Tips and Tricks

First we want to make sure you get the big picture for feeding your family. As soon as you start feeding you baby, yup, you are feeding a family. Sometimes it’s a family of 1-2; sometimes a mammoth family of 6-8. Size doesn’t matter. It’s how you approach it.

Are you a McDonald’s, GMO, junk food junkie? What do you think that will do for your family, especially you kids as they grow? OR are you a perfect eater, expecting your kids to be perfect too. Maybe you are hoping for some manners and good eating habits. Whatever your current eating style, your decisions will affect your family.

The following articles will get you thinking on how we are parents influence our kids eating style in a big way. Oh it is so much more than Gerber ever let on.

Check out these jam-packed articles on how to help you baby be a Happy Eater!

Six Easy Tricks for a Well Fed Infant

feeding an infant

MASTER TRICK! Make sure you tell your little bundle she’s a great eater. No matter what! They are too little to be deviant so all they can do is their best! They know when you are happy and if you tell them they are “great”- they will be. Sounds like magic? Nope, just psychology. It’s called positive identity development.

Mom Mega Hack So Your Baby Is a Happy Eater

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Whole Family Feeding uses foods that are already in the meal, and uses them to feed baby too. So, what if you are having a hard time gobbling down carrots, corn and chicken? The first and most obvious solution is to try to make small changes that work for you.

Feeding You Baby: Teach Your Baby Strong Emotional Skills Naturally