Melissa’s Bio


Melissa, creator of  holds a masters in occupational therapy and a bachelors degree in health science. She is an eco- mama, expert in childhood development and education, allergen sensitive cook, feeding specialist, children’s book author, musician, and an advocate for healthy choices for families. She has worked with children and their families for 15 years in both the school system, health environments, private practice, and consulting venues. She is dedicated to support and educate children and their families on strategies they can use to bring about greater health and happiness.

Melissa is a  nutritional coach  for parents and children that need support for healthy eating, special diets, and allergen sensitivity. She is an expert in getting kids to eat healthy food, even when diets are limited or food aversions prevail.

Working 15 years in the specialty of feeding and attentional disorders, she has developed strategies to assist kids with and without special needs to be healthier, more focused, have more energy, and improved mood.

She is the innovator of Sensory Soothers, a kids centered program to decrease the effects of stress through sensory play, allowing for calmer, happier and more focused kids.    She is also the developer of The Star Program: Helping Children Shine, a program designed to help kids and their families understand attentional issues and to actively assist in attentional improvement.

She has studied music at Carnegie Mellon University and she is certified as a Music Together Instructor and in the Therapeutic Listening.  Additional practice areas include sensory integration, the gut-brain connection, visual perceptual skills, fine motor skill , handwriting via the Handwriting Without Tears certification , and focusing and attentional modalities.

Finally, her multi-media company Sun Kids Multi-Media, provide resources for kids and families, in a variety of fun and engaging medium. Melissa has created children’s books for a variety of age groups that provide lessons and ideas to show children they can be healthy, empowered and cherished. Sun Kids Multi-Media also creates music CD’s and videos.  Her current  project, “Home Grown” is a musical compilation that encourages families to engage with food in a healthy and fun ways.



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