Learn Self Care: Be Happy.

The Basics of Self Care: Mind, Body and Soul.

When we practice self care, we decide to take care of ourselves. It’s a deliberate action we take on behalf of ourselves. The kind of self care that we are concerned with involves a healthy mind, body and soul. Yoga, therapy, and the joy of life prescribes that these three elements of life are balanced and feed each other.

So how in the world do we get it done? Is it really hard? Is there even a way to do it in our busy lives. Yes!

Mind, body and soul equals you!

Mindful Self care through attending to mind, body and spirit

Through habits and routines. Mindful self care is practiced through habits and routines.

It certainly comes down to if we think we should practice self care. Some may think there is just not enough time, or that they simply deserve to treat themselves the same way they were treated as a child or at school. Our early influences are so formative, and if we had a good habit and routine modeled to us by our parents, and tought to us by our adults when we were little we have a head start.

But sometimes we forget. Sometimes we don’t learn these lessons. Sometimes other life event happen that shape our image of ourselves that tell us we aren’t worth all that much. Take media and marketing when it comes to women especially. We are told to eat this and that, wear this and that, then try to look a certain way when we are with our kids. Really?

For example, when I post to Pinterest, I have to make sure my post’s picture is “perfect” in order to get clicks! There are actual criteria I have to meet in the “appeal” of the pin, that Pinterest viewers would never even guess is required. Yikes! What a fake life we are told to live.

But I digress. Self care, is not about what you are told to be and do. It’s not about the latest trend. It’s about being happy! So grab you self care bag, and let’s get ready for a daily, joyful journey!

A mom carries a purse of flowers as she walks as part of her self care

How self care fosters mindful parenting

Simply put, self care is about what you as a person need in the areas of mind, body and soul (sometimes also called spirit)  -in order to feel happy and healthy.

Mindfulness and our Mind: Includes how we think, what we feed our mind with thoughts and external stimuli, and how our self image is put together.

Mindfulness and Our Body: Includes what we eat, how we stay fit, how we take care of our health, how we take care of our appearance, and how we feel.

Mindfulness of our Soul: Includes how we express and experience our own spiritual nature. Religious expression, how we connect with our community, how we care for our earth and environment, and how we leave things for the next generation to come.

Routines and Habits: Our Daily joyful Journey

The idea of another to do list for self care just seems to go against the very nature of stripping away our daily list of commitments in order to make time for self-care. So you won’t get a list here, but if you want a list the internet will easily provide them for you. Just google self care for body, mind, or soul and you will get 1000 of lists.

What we offer here is that you think about your daily routine in terms of what you do for your body, how you care for it, and what your habits are. You observe you day and journal about it -see what your patterns are. Do you have a routine already or do you think one might be helpful? Can you journal about what you think is useful, what is not, and what just flat needs cut out. After doing this for a week or two, observing your routines and habits, listing what is good and working for you overall happiness and health and what is not, you can begin to get a picture of what self care you are already working on each week, and what needs a brush up.

From there, just pick one thing to add in each week. When you add it in, or after you add a few self care habits into your routine, see how you feel. If you are healthy and happy, then they worked. If you didn’t see any improvement, then you can re-formulate your self care add ins. This process is tailored to yourself as a unique individual. Keep going for that joyful feeling, and you will be on track!

Just commit. This positive self care attention will aid you in all aspects of you life. Below is a list of things you can do, and that we here at Swami Mommi do, to make each day that much brighter. With these resources, you shouldn’t have any problem sticking to your decision to care for yourself daily. Visit these links provided, and do your homework. You’ll be glad you did.

Body Resources for Self Care:

Try yoga, go for a walk, Do a Nidra meditation on CD, sleep 8 hours, eat 3 healthy meals with 3 healthy snacks

Mind Resources for Self Care

Do a Nidra meditation on CD, read a book, learn a little something new, practice talking positively to yourself, practice guided imagery.

Soul Resources for Self Care

Pray, Mediate, do something socially, put social media down most of the day, call a friend, spend time with your pet.

General Links (click the blue text link)  to see great Self Care resources on:



The Family Lunch Box Recipes

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Ayurvedic Recipes

Recipes by Rebecca Katz- one of our favorites!

Nidra Meditation

Meditation for Mood and Relaxation

How to put down the device and grasp what REALLY matters!

Guided Imagery CDs

We hope these resources are as helpful for you as they have been for so many. Remember self care is unique to you, so you decide. You commit. And you will be happy, healthy and satisfied!

Mom in a garden so very happy!

Mindful parent takes the time to practice self care- and be happy! Go for a walk or dig a garden today! Whatever makes you heart sing!