A Better Way To Teach Kids Music.

Mindful Parenting With Music and Songs

Growing up as a musician and still enjoying my musical gifts, I can’t help but think about what my kids and family listened to each day.

And of course I would think this way a parent. When we really get down to the truth of it, mindful parenting is actually aided by the presence of certain music and music of a certain quality.

For example, when I want to create a calming background for my kids while they are drawing, yoga music for calming such as chanting, ocean or nature sounds, or music consisting of certain musical tones is what I would select. When I want a more upbeat background for activities such as cooking, I play some cultural music such as salsa or swing music from the 30’s.

One of my most loved musical experiences comes from a beloved collection of music under the Guess How Much I Love You CD/book title. The 3-CD set came along with the book. The Cd set has the author reading the book, as well as a collection of classical music songs and nature sounds.They are designed for baby or child to play and rest to while listening, but they really affected me the most!

When I first got the CD’s my little baby would sleep or play and I would just cry and cry and cry. Tears of joy that only these sweet little songs could bring up. They tugged on my heart-stings.  They made me aware of the immense love I had for my baby. I wouldn’t miss out on all this wonderful awe thanks to the music, even if I did feel a little silly for all the tissues I went through while crying.

This music made me realize how much I really did love my baby. The music brought me to mindfulness that I might have missed in all my daily busyness. It was a gift when I still didn’t know how important it was to be mindful. It allowed me to stop and realize joy. This music would not let me miss out on the love in those moments with my baby.

If you want to listen to this book with some of the music in the background click Guess How Much I Love You Kids Story with Music

mindful listening to music


Check out these musical resources when mindfully selecting music and kids songs for your family.

Resources to get your family on the music scene fast:

Music Together is an organization that provides organic music experiences for families and children through classes and online music. It gets the family involved in music enjoyment, and just like a language, when the family speaks the same language, in this case music, the child is sure to learn. Even if you don’t know a thing about music, this organization will allow you to be an example for your child in music.

Putumayo Kids is the best resource I have found for the classroom and home world music. They pick songs that are easily accessible to both the newly trained ear and well seasoned ear. They are fun and very well produced. Putmayo kids has been my favorite and go to source for world music for the past 10 years.

Jazz at Lincoln Center We Bop Program

KinderMusic is a good educational based music lesson resource.

Calming Music and Songs for Kids:

The Earth Spirit music by R. Carlos Nakai is so focusing it could be used to calm for yoga sessions, used as a meditation, or background music to create a calm home or classroom environment. I listen to this CD even when my kids aren’t around. It is fantastic!

Multi-Cultural Music and Songs for Kids:

The Gypsy Kings are a easy transition to Latin Music. Kids and parents can enjoy their music quickly even if Latin music is unfamiliar. We listen to The Best of the Gypsy Kings in the car all the time and cook taco’s to it in the kitchen.

A great CD for African music is African Playground . We absolutely love this CD and have some favorites the kids can’t help but dance too. For a more African to American transition in music, we listen to Jazz and Blues Cd’s we pick up from the Library.

Teach Me German is a fun book and music combination that has German Kids songs and short reading lessons in an easy format. Kids can color each lesson and a few pages can be done at a time. It’s a series with Teach Me More German the next book. We used these books around the Christmas holidays as their are special holiday sections, but it takes kids on an adventure through the year, so it could work in any season.

Teach Me Everyday Spanish is a book we use year after year. The songs are fun and they have a mix of English and Spanish so even the kids who are listening for fun won’t get lost! It’s really easy and the series. We have used Teach Me More Spanish as well, as an addition to our other Spanish language resources we use at home to encourage our kids to learn multiple languages. Fun coloring, story-telling and kids songs!

Exploring the Senses with Music and Songs for Kids:

Explore music through the senses SEEING the universe as never before with great songs from  The Mighty Sky musical experience. These songs for kids have been awarded the “Smart Media” and “Notable” medals by the Library Association and Academic’s Association. It rocks and creates a beautiful picture of the universe through music.

A great CD related to all things food and also for all the Bare Naked Ladies fans our there! Snacktime is BNL take on a kids CD that does not disappoint. Weather you have a picky eater or kids who love to eat this CD makes food a feast of musical fun. We use this in the car just for giggles! Then we sing it in the kitchen because we know all the lyrics.

Auditory Meditations for Kids:

These are tracks I love to use with kids I work with and with my own family. My favorite is Mermaids and Fairy Dust.

Yoga Songs for Kids:

One of the best I have found is by Kira Willey as her music in Dance for the Sun takes kids on yoga adventures they can listen to and do!

Folk Songs for Kids and Families:

John McCutcheon’s music in Howjadoo is down home fun with a level of musicianship that kids can understand and grow into, while still having fun!

Try the Johnny Cash Children’s Album for a grounding experience for the whole family. Johnny’s voice in it’s booming base style wakes us up to the grind of daily life but in a fun way kid’s style. Great songs for kids.

Family Music and Songs for Kids:

Ziggy Marley does a great job with his family CD Family Time. It is upbeat and a great listen to put the whole family in a great mood!

Coconut Moon is a master music compilation for family silly fun. The Green Chili Jam Band rocks these kids songs, so parents can just sit back and laugh. Here is an example of just one silly song called Lard. It’s sure to bring laughter.

Holiday Music for Kids:

An amazing CD that creates the a feeling of warmth and love around the Christmas Holiday is Christmas Folkjul. I cried when I listened to this music in my car, driving home once late holiday evening alone from work. This has become a consistent request for the whole family. Don’t let one more holiday go by without this true musical gem.

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