Mindful Parenting

Mindful Parenting is our ability to attend to the present moment we have with our kids and family. Allowing with curiosity what the present moment will reveal to us as parents, applying no judgement or guilt. It’s connecting with Life that is greater than ourselves and letting go of control.

Mindful Parenting is being who we REALLY are and being aware of the amazing job we have inherited in the job of parenting.

Mindfulness is the opposite of distraction. It is applying focus to our daily life.

As a therapist and mom, working with kids daily and having a brood of my own, my level of focus affects my kids. In the beginning, I was anything but.

I had “enough” focus to function, to learn, to make my way though daily routines and even get through college with honors. I learned pretty quick that working with kids and having my own, required a whole new level of focus.

When I realized what I needed to do to refocus and become mindful, it simply took my breath away.

Do you feel like you want more focus in daily life, but feel addicted to distraction?

If you answer yes, keep breathing.

Being Mindful takes practice. But are you ready to ditch the distraction? Or at least a little distraction for some peace of mind?

Mindfulness and mindful parenting is hard. We need breaks a parents and self care. We need resources that teach us how to approach parenting decisions. We need them fast and conveniently, as we don’t always have much extra time in our day.

So here are our quick and easy resources that will helpful you be more mindful in your parenting style. We hope they will lead to your greater health and happiness.

Visit these pages by clicking the links below:

Learn Self Care: Be Happy

Mind, body and soul equals you!

Child Raising: Think for Yourself.

mindfulness in every day family life.

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