Occupational Therapy

Most occupational therapists (O.T.), after obtaining a masters or doctorate degree, work to help children and adults attain a satisfying quality of life, essentially giving each person dignity by helping them do what they love at work, home, in the community and in the world at large.

For kids, this means that occupational therapists work to help kids do what their peers are doing: playing, learning, being social, eating, self care, and emotional regulation tasks. For parents, occupational therapists provide  information and strategies, create plans of action, and allow parents to feel encouraged and motivated for change.

Here at Swami Mommi, you will find strategies to help your kids be Happy Kids. You will find new ideas on how kids can have great attention skills, suggestions on fun sensory activities your kids will love, and feeding Guide strategies for raising happy eaters!!!

 But we’re not just talking about good ideas and good food.

We are feeding children’s mind, body and spirit!

If you live in Pittsburgh, and want to have your child seen by one of local therapists, please visit Sun Kids Occupational Therapy Pittsburgh here.

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