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Blissful Mothers/Blissful Baby: Learn Different Strategies for a Radiant  Postpartum
Time: 2 hours
Cost: $55 per couple
Target Audience: Pregnant women and/or couples and professionals that work with birthing couples

Class Description: Learn strategies that will help you heal after childbirth, giving you energy, confidence and a overall sense of well being to enjoy your new baby, and allow your baby to bond and thrive. This course is also intended for professionals who work with birthing mothers as a means to increase positive postpartum outcomes. Strategies have been well researched, as well as personally tested by the instructor.

Having a baby can be a busy time, from buying the necessary nursery items, to making sure you have your birth vision in place. Add in the business of daily life, and you might have forgotten about yourself!  Even if you are taking extra good care of yourself during your pregnancy, are you ready for the weeks following birth? Do you have a plan to make your early weeks with your new baby blissful instead of stressful? This class can provide you with the essentials you need for your firsts weeks home with your baby.

Every mom deserves to hold their baby, and truly love the experience of it, even in the midst of postpartum. The best way to ensure this blissful bonding happens is by having a routine of self care after birth, for mom and baby. Beyond the basics, this class informs pregnant couples how they can have a blissful postpartum. Forget sleepy and difficult, and move towards good energy and joy. Instead of asking “When will my baby sleep through the night?” why not feel confident and happy after birthing?

Given the lack of a supportive community and postpartum services after birthing, 80% of women feel “blue” after giving birth in the United States.  It is truly unfair to not inform our pregnant moms about alternative ways of experiencing postpartum. This class is designed to empower women and give moms the support and information when they most need it! Before they go home with their baby!

Couples (yes, dads benefit too!) will be provided with information and resources on postpartum routines and activities that result in positive, less stressful experiences for new moms, and of course their babies.  But even beyond self-care for new moms, this course will look at routines that will help newborns be calm and blissful a well.

This course is the whole-package for getting pregnant couples ready for the postpartum time that is soon to come! Be ready. Be informed! Be blissful. You, your baby and your entire family deserve it.

Class outline: A complimentary approach of Ayurveda and Western medicine
Ayruvedic postpartum care for mom (0-12 weeks +)
Visual Imagery for postpartum
Yoga-Nidra for postpartum
Ayruvedic postpartum care for baby (0-12 weeks +)
“4th trimester” baby care including Sensory Soothers for the newborn, a developmental approach to ensure deep sleep and a blissful baby

Blissful Baby: Positive Parental Habits for Confident Parenting
Time: 2 hours
Cost: $55 per couple
Target Audience: Pregnant women and/or couples

Class Description:
Do you want to parent with ease? Joyful in knowing you have a clue? Parents often joke that they would like a manual for raising their new children and with good reason! Parenting can be a challenging experience!

The good news is that parents with good habits and evidence-based information can parent with confidence, and avoid a myrid of problems before they even start. This class is about prevention for new or soon to be parents who want to be in “the know”. Using
a complimentary framework of Ayurveda and Western medical science and development,  this class is essential for every new parent.

Did you know that a milky stained shirt is all a baby needs to have reduced stress hormones in their blood as newborns? that yelling at babies does strange things to their immunity? and that babies that are told they are good eaters and eat well have better relationships with their parents? You might already know these things…but if you don’t your not alone.

Providing these insights and more, as well as simple strategies and healthful habits this class will give your parenting style a fresh start, and allow you to make thoughtful parenting choices that are right for your family.

This class is a gift to yourself…your family…and your new baby.  Less problems, less stress, more full-fulling parenting. Join us and be your confident best!

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