Occupational Therapists (O.T.) generally speaking have the most non-descript job title. Basically, most occupational therapists work to help people attain a satisfying quality of life, essentially giving each person dignity by helping them do what they love at work, home, in the community and in the world at large. No small accomplishment.

I have used strategies with clients over the past 15 years and now I am taking what worked well to help empower families. Happy and joyful families equal healthy families. Really, all goodness seems to flow from being peaceful and in a state of loving kindness.

It is my hope that the information at Swami Mommi, will stop problems before they even get started in your family as a whole. It is also my hope that we all can experience more joy!

As with everything at Swami Mommi, what is right for some is not right for all. If you like the information and ideas, great. If you don’t, that’s great too. After reading, I hope you will take the time to sit, be quiet and listen. You are your own Swami. You can only care for yourself and family as your own Mommi.

Awareness is the first step for so many of us on our path of Grace.

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