Rosie’s Honeybee Farm Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Syrup made by Honeybee Farmer

Rosie’s Honeybee Farmer Elderberry Syrup

This syrup makes the cold weather months all the more easy to bear, strengthening immunity with each delicious spoonful.

Grandma Rosie had always loved to find creative and new ways to eat and drink her way to health, and her never ending explorations taught me to keep my eyes open to new and sometime surprising health routines. Taking Elderberry syrup is one daily routine I rarely miss!

Elderberry is known to increase immunity and also clear respiratory passageways. My family has grown Elderberries for years, even when we were not aware of how these cute little berries were so good for our health. Making jams and jelly were delicious, but a syrup is even more so!

Rosie's Honeybee Farmer Ederberrry Syrup is made from Elderberries.

Elderberry Syrup is made from Elderberries like these!

Now we know that Elderberry Syrup is a must have remedy, taken daily to build immunity, and more frequently when feeling a cold or flu set in. Herbology and Ayruvedic Science tote the Elderberry plant as a master elixir of fighting infections. So of course, we figured out how to make Elderberry Syrup. And it just tastes so good, goes down so easy, that we had to make some to share.

This is not to be taken as medical advice. You should check with your physician before taking Elderberry Syrup as it might not be right for you. And this information and product are not intended to treat or cure any disease. And none of these statement presented here have been approved by the FDA.

We suggest you do all your own research on Elderberry. Then, if you prefer a truly organic and preservative free elderberry syrup, try ours. It’s the best you’ll find anywhere!