Cultural Diversity for Kids

Sharing Cultural Diversity With You

Being a Yoga Mom, mindfulness is part of daily life. Meditation, focus, and understand are key areas of importance that I apply to almost all aspects of family, career and routine. Yoga itself comes from India and once I wrapped my mind around Indian culture, life got just that much larger and brighter. I even married a Desi who was born in India and traveled the world before he settled in my very own hometown.

Having traveled to Africa as a student years ago was another eye, ear and nose opening experience. I had never seen, heard, or smelled the diversity I saw in Africa.

Being bilingual in English and Spanish, I also have the pure joy of understanding Latino culture from migrant work in the Southern United States as well as the foods, arts, and language of Spain. Finally, both sets of my grandparents were from Czechoslovakia, with Eastern European family traditions still enjoyed by my very own kids.

So quite simply, cultural diversity comes natural to me. So I want to share it with you and your family. I promise to make it easy and fun, and an asset to your kids as they grow. C

Cultural Diversity Resources for Mindful Parenting

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