“No, You Won’t Break Your Baby!” : Caring For Your 1 Month Old Beautiful Baby

10 Good Habits For Caring For Your 1 Month Old Beautiful Baby

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We have many options for prenatal care. There are many classes we can take as moms and dad expecting a baby, and there are many different hospital options.

Of course, we now have to deal with insurance restrictions on where we birth, based on our insurance carrier, and we often have somewhat limited natural birthing options, however if there is a will there is a way to get the birthing experience you desire. Keep looking for what feels right to you.

Postpartum Care  is another thing altogether. After experiencing my blissful birth in the hospital, I was left without much care. I was very fatigued despite having my amazing husband on homemaker duty for 4 weeks while he was on paternity leave. Breastfeeding was tiring through the night, I was of course hormonal, and just getting used to my regular body again. It was rough.

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Once my baby was here, I decided I would use Pinterest and Social Media to see what I could do to welcome my beautiful baby in a blissful way. Thanks to social media, I felt that I was not alone in wanting to make postpartum a good experience. There were many posts on Pinterest and many blogs focusing on this issue.

Thanks to social media, as well as my daily meditation, I felt a part of the sisterhood of new moms connected in the daily challenges and successes of being a new mom!

Blissful Baby!

Here is a list of things you can do to welcome your beautiful baby in a blissful way so positive memories and radiant health can be a part of your postpartum story too!

1. Rest: You deserve it. You just gave birth! That is amazing! Congratulations.

2. Breastfeed (if you can): St. Clair Lactation was amazing. If you are birthing I suggest this hospital simply based on the lactation department alone. My first baby did not get to breastfeed. I tried. My second, thanks to St. Clair Lactation has taken to the breast wonderfully, mostly because they were so direct in how they taught me what I needed to know. Having said that, it is not easy. It takes extreme will, especially in the first 3 months. It gets somewhat easier after that, and you have experienced a bond with your baby that is very unique. Check out http://kellymom.com/ for great breastfeeding resources.

3. Baby Message and Bath: Use coconut or jojoba oil (find at Whole Foods) for a little message before a bath. Message only to your babies enjoyment, and stop if it is too much. Make sure to towel off excess oil so they are not slippery and use extra care when bathing them and taking them out of the bath. I find that my baby is slippery when coming out of a bath even when I don’t do the message before hand.

4. Jojoba Oil: This oil is balancing and helps heal and support skin. I used it where ever my baby was dry, and on her cradle cap. Within an hour her skin was rebalanced.

5. Calm Sensory Environment: Newborn babies have fully active hearing, so limit loud music and T.V., especially media that has violent content. Calming music is great. Sitting in nature is also soothing. Going to the mall and then a noisy restaurant is too much too soon. The longer they can grow their brain in a calm soothing environment, the better. Your calm baby will thank you.  Even if you have a difficult to sooth baby, it will help in the long run.

6. Have a Night Routine for Baby: It helps them get used to the idea that extended sleep is nearing. Give a bath, sing a song, read a familiar book, say a prayer, breastfeed, or whatever you feel is special to you and your baby. Do what feels good to you, just do it regularly.

7. Practice the “Magic 2 Questions”: Is my baby crying because 1. She is hungry? or 2. She is sleepy? If you find that you are eventually good at answering these questions for your baby, your baby will most likely not cry as much.

8. Speak Loving Words: Create loving habits now. Promise to treat your baby with love when you talk to them. They have a fully operating hearing system and they are learning with every word you say. Let them know you love them and respect them. Even if you didn’t feel loved as a child, make the change now and commit to positive change in your family line. Use Loving Words.

9. Relax: Enjoy your baby. Your baby deserves to get to know you. What we give our kids today, comes back to us later. Don’t let this opportunity slip by. Your heart will thank you for it.

10. Don’t Yell at Your Baby: Yelling is as destructive as hitting. Don’t hit your baby either. I know this may seem basic, but it happens a lot. I have seen it when working with some of my patients with developmental delay. The bottom line: When you baby feels safe, they develop normally. If they feel stressed or unsafe, they don’t. So don’t yell or hit your baby, and don’t let anyone else do it either. Protect your baby.

One extra habit that is super important!   #11. Play With Your Baby: Newborns can hear, can become familiar with songs, and can understand basic words like eat, sleep, and “I Love You”. Once they are 3 months, their smiles will prove it. Let them explore baby safe toys, touch different textures and tickle their feet. As a mom, you will enjoy this “baby play” maybe even more than they do.