Calming Songs for Kids: Valentine’s Day Music Guide for Mindful Moms!

Music and Activities carefully selected this Valentine's Day can calm your kids and help them feel loved.

Many of us are so busy these days, that if we aren’t careful we might just miss out on the fun of the best holiday around – Valentine’s Day. A holiday all about love is just what both families and kids need around this mid-school year, winter-chilled time. To make it easy and practical, we put a high quality Valentine’s Day Music Guide together so you can make memories that count this year!

These musical selections are accompanied by kid- and family-friendly activities such as snuggling under warm blankets, making and sharing treats, and giving hugs. What could be cozier than that?

Why more cozy activities? I’m glad you asked.  🙂

We’re working off the principle that more hugs lead to greater feelings of calm, social connection and happiness. The hormone in our brain that increases these positive feelings is oxytocin. It’s made naturally, but only when we activate our sense of deep touch (for example, when we give hugs or snuggle). Babies and moms achieve higher levels of oxytocin all the time during the early years when nursing and naps actually increase the oxytocin levels in both mom and baby.  It’s not called the ‘cuddle chemical’ for nothing (an Oxytocin-fueled bonding effect has also been demonstrated between people and their dogs after prolonged eye contact, if you can believe it)!

But as kids grow, we need to be mindful of how much we hug each other. We need to remember to snuggle and hug to help our kids thrive and know they’re safe, secure and loved. As grownups, we can get the message to feel better from a variety of sources that raise our oxytocin levels among other calming neurotransmitters, but kids need us to help them out.

It sounds simple, but in our house, we actually have to check to make sure we hug enough! We are all so busy! So here is a guide to the music and activity that make for good neurotransmitter stimulation – all natural and so effective to make sure your Valentine’s Day is jam-packed with good feelings and great memories. Give it a try!

Music Guide for Valentine's Day

Cozy music for kids and families = a memorable Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Music Guide for Mindful Parenting–Make Memories!

A Mindful Song About How Kids Love Their Parents

This is a jazzy song that toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten age, or early elementary students to learn. It can be learned during circle time over a few days, or in music class for a Valentine’s Day presentation. The words can even be changed, so “dad” is put in the place where “mom” is written, to create a Valentine’s gift for dad too.

Whatever you choose, have fun, and put a smile on someone’s face this Valentine’s day! Love is too good not to share.

This is an easy song for kids to sing for Valentine's Day

I hear the words to this Valentine’s Day Song for Mom being sung to match the melody of “The Farmer In the Dell”….but feel free to pick out whatever melody feels right for you.

Jazzy Valentine’s Day Music for Kids and the Whole Family

One of the best and most famous songs for Valentine’s Day is, not surprisingly, “My Funny Valentinefrom the Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart musical Babes in Arms, which first debuted in 1937. Since then, the song has appeared on over 1300 albums, as interpreted by a wide range of artists.

A listener attending to the lyrics outside of the context of the musical could apply the sentiments in the song to just about anyone in our lives that we love. Our kids are no exception.

“You make me smile in my heart, your looks are laughable…and she’s my favorite work of art…is your figure less than Greek, is your mouth a little weak, but when you open it to speak…are you smart?  Stay, little Valentine….stay….Each Day is Valentine’s Day!”

Of course our kids make us smile in our hearts, and their looks are sometimes laughable. The things they say are often smart, or even wise beyond their years. And of course, we’d always want them to stay small and adorable. “Stay, little Valentine” we can say when we are quiet and aware of the deep love we have for our kids.

Here’s Chris Botti’s version of My Funny Valentine, featuring one of my faves, Sting, singing to his wife. Play it for the one you love, and enjoy the rich sounds of the exceptional arrangement. Kids will benefit from listening to this soothing, classic song, and they’ll be introduced to a fabulous jazz standard as well!


Play it and have your kids relax to it during the chilly inside days of February. A cup of warm milk (or hot cocoa) and a heart-shaped cookie could make this song come to life and stay in your kid’s ear long after the beverage has been finished. Sitting by a fireside, under cozy cuddly blankets…a perfect setting to make this song into a family memory or Valentine’s tradition. Couldn’t we all benefit from more chances to love each other while listening to some good music? No doubt this jazzy song could give us all the chance for more love this Valentine’s Day.

Good Songs for Kids for Valentine's Day

Singing Simple Valentine’s Songs During Cozy Valentine’s Day Activities

During the holidays there are often many activities that kids engage in that involve crafting and baking. Why not introduce some little rhymes and songs as part of the fun? This Valentine’s Day, get your song list ready. Make sure your activities always have a hug or snuggle portion too! It makes everyone more calm and happy by increasing the oxytocin levels in the brain. Here are some easy and cute songs to help you get started.


I am Making Valentines ( to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb…or London Bridge?)

I am making valentines,
Valentines, valentines.
I am making valentines,
For the ones I love.

Watch me as I cut and paste,
Cut and paste, cut and paste,
Watch me as I cut and paste,
My special valentines.

See me mail my valentines,
Valentines, valentines,
See me mail my valentines,
To the ones I love.


A Hug from You (to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb)

It’s nice to get to a hug from you,
Hug from you, Hug from you.
It’s nice to get a hug from you,
So, let’s give one right now.
(Hug a friend)

Pair these songs with a cup of herbal tea, cocoa or a fresh bowl of stove-top popcorn, as well as a big blanket snuggle or a Valentine themed book, and you have made magic this Valentine’s Day, despite being so very busy.

Keep your cool. You got this covered, mama!

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Mindful Music for Kids & Adults!

Calming Sensory Play in the Family Garden

I have been trying my hand at gardening recently to get more fresh food into our diet. But don’t tell my neighbors I am new to all this gardening gadgetry, for by the looks of this Birthday garden gadget gift from my dad I look like a total PRO.

I have been wanting to get my kids more involved in gardening for a long while. Sure the food is our own, so we will know it is free of pesticides and grown in good mineral-filled soil, but there are more benefits than just feeding my kids nutritious foods. Sensory play is built into gardening just naturally and that means calmer kids. It’s yoga outside the studio.

Nature teaches our children to be more thoughtful and calm

Planting a garden helps kids to be more mindful and grounded. It teaches them a sense of wonder.

Smells, textures, tastes, and heavy work are a few of the senses that are engaged when sensory play happens in our family garden. Plus, I have found most of these sensory activities in the garden to be grounding and calming for the kids AND me! This usually leads me to be more mindful in general. Always a good thing.

I hope you will find ways in your own garden to find calm, and be more grounded too. Here are 4 quick ideas that really work. Give them a try!

Garden Sensory Play that Calms Kids:

  1. Heavy work tasks calm by using deep muscle receptor activation. Hauling dirt on a tarp, pushing a wheel barrow, and stacking bricks will get those deep receptors to fire and cause calming neurotransmitters to be released. A good 20-30 of this type of work won’t tire kids, but it will calm them down.
  2. Nature is beautiful, even if it is in a small garden patch. Seeing plants and trees and grass, as well as watching the slow but steady pace of nature is calming. Once you start your garden, it will become a place you hide away in from the rest of the world. Add some artful bunnies statutes or fairy themed signs, and you kids are certain to calm down form a long day at school.
  3. Smells can be just plain calming in and of themselves. There are of course smells that everyone likes, and some more than others. The smell of dirt and fresh cut grass for example are just two obvious smells that bring ideas of spring and carefree days to mind for me. Even if you kids don’t love these smells yet, after one season of gardening, they are sure to crave them!
  4. Tastes and foods are grounding, and if you or your children find them to be grounding, then it’s a plus if they are healthy. Chewy foods like string beans are theoretically calming. So are foods you can suck, lick juicy tomatoes or plums. Knowing food is nourishing and that they came from their own back yard, has a charm factor that just can’t be matched.

Muddy shoes and dirty hands, clothes, and shovels prove to me that this is the way to go for natural sensory play. Even better, the veggies in the fall will be a great built in reward!

Keeping Animals Out Of Our Garden: #1 Gardening Tip!

Raised bed with hinged top

Raised bed with hinged top

The one idea that we found to be priceless was a hinged and covered raised garden bed. All the fruits of our labor we’re kept safe from our groundhog and deer visitors. We enjoyed the food, and they didn’t. So if you want to get outside as a family this year, I recommend taking a look at these plans on how we built it. Not to hard. Totally worth it.

We got the plans from a great blog on home building ideas. If you like this design check the plans out at: My dad and husband adjusted the plans a bit to meet our need of keeping the dear away. The top arches have wire mesh between them as do the ends. The bottom of the bed has chicken wire too, to keep out the digging type rascals that might want our goodies.

So enjoy a look at our Big Garden Garden Gadget. We hope you enjoy this idea and we hope it works! We’ll keep you posted on what we harvest in terms of food and great family sensory fun!





By dusk we have the plant starts in!

By dusk we have the plant starts in!