Lovebirds! A Craft project for the Young at Heart.

At Swami Mommi, we’re always inspired by family, creativity and our own “We Can Do It” spunk. Telling our family and friends that we love them offers us the challenge to include as many people as we can in a fun way! These little darlings deliver love to kids of all ages, and adults too! Let’s let these cute lovebirds do our bidding, shall we?

A pom pom bird craft that looks like a love bird.

We made this video tutorial (below) so all you need to do is let your kids watch and learn. Once you buy the materials using the convenient links below, just set out the materials and let your child enjoy making these cute birds! We made sure to create a quality sound track with the video as well, so your kids will not only learn how to craft, but will also be exposed to music that will improve their musicality!

Supplies For This Craft:

Clover Brand Pom Pom Makers
Chunky Fluffy Soft Yarn
Bernat Pop Bulky Yarn
Little Bells (if you want your bird to tweet!)
Oval Wiggle Eyes
Rainbow Feathers
Upholstery Thread
Assorted cardstock paper of your favorite colors
Gel Pens
Glue (White glue for kids)
Scissors (I use Fiskar style with kids)

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Video for Making Your Pom Pom Love Birds

Step One : Select the medium size pom-pom maker. Open one side and begin winding yarn around the legs. Once the entire side is wound with yarn, cut off the yarn from the yarn ball. Then do the same on the other side of the pom-pom maker.


Step two: Now cut the yarn on each side of the pom-pom maker as shown. Don’t pull any yarn out, until you use the thread to tie it around the pom-pom maker to secure the yarn into a ball. Once secure, pull the pom-pom maker apart and your ball will appear completed! Trim off any unruly pieces of yarn that don’t make the ball look good, but make sure to keep the thread intact as you will use the full length.howtomakeapompom

Step Three: Draw a heart on pretty cardstock paper of your choice. Cut it out and then cut out a small dividing line between the lobes (these will be your birdy’s feet). Don’t cut all the way through, but just enough to string the upholstery thread through from the pom-pom, and tape on the back.


Step Four: Cut out a small square of cardstock. Fold the square in half and trim a bit to make a cute little beak. Glue it onto the pom-pom, and then glue on the wiggly eyes.


Step Five: Cut a long strip of cardstock for the love note. Leave enough space at the end of the strip for the pom-pom bird to be glued onto it. On the space that’s left on the paper, write a Love Note!!


Step Six: Pick 3 of your favorite colored feathers. Arrange them behind the eyes or in the back of the bird as desired, and then glue them in place.


Last Step: The very best part! Give your Pom-Pom Lovebird to someone you love!  Have a safe and very happy Valentine’s Day!  <3 <3 <3

love bird craft(1)

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