Yoga For Kids

Yoga for kids can be an easy. “Strike a pose there’s nothing to it”! But life isn’t a set of Madonna lyrics and kids and parenting are complex.

So let’s talk yoga poses and life from a perspective of mindfulness.

When we as parents are mindful, our kids experience Karma Yoga. Much more than poses…and much more effective to their long term growth and development. Yoga science offers us a way of living and being as parents as well.

“Yoga Science does not offer any new religion; it offers a methodology. Through Yoga Science you can understand yourself better on all levels, including your physical well-being, your actions, thought, process, emotions and desires.

Karma Yoga: Karma Yoga is the path of action, service to others, mindfulness and remembering the levels of our being while fulfilling our action or karma in the world.”  —Swami Jnaneshvara

In Christianity, Karma Yoga is simply charity, good works, volunteering, and being thoughtful about how we treat others. Growing up Catholic, it’s not hard to understand the idea of Karma Yoga. But somehow, the word “mindful” made the idea of service to others, much more personal for me. It made me think of taking care of myself, and about how I take care of my family.

After more than 17 years working as a developmental therapist, taking yoga classes and workshops, practicing yoga meditation, living a life close to christian roots,  and being mindful in my parenting,  I have seen before me the unfolding the tapestry of mindfulness in my life as well as my families  life.

If you want happy kids, kids yoga can help, bit kids yoga is a practice that parents must do along with their kids.

Use these resources to launch yourself  and your kids into Mindful Living! You CAN Do it too !

Kids Yoga:

Yoga For Kids: Outside the Studio

Nature is an outdoor yoga studio.

General Yoga Resources for Kids:

Yoga Pretzels (Yoga Cards)   These are great because they can be put in different order based on skill level and to make different stories and sequences. Instructions included.

Tiger Tiger Is It True  A great book to teach kids that what they “think” might not be true!

Kids Yoga For Emotional Balance:

Integrative Restoration Institute book list is a comprehensive literature list helping kids more deeply understand their emotions an the emotions of others.

Mindful parents help kids to grow up emoitnally balanced.

Emotional balance is something kids learn from their parents and environment.

Parents Yoga:

Mindfulness in Parenting:

The Rhythm of Family is a great book for mom’s and dad’s who want to be more mindful as they move through the seasons. This book has personal reflections by a mom and dad as they cook, create and enjoy life to the fullest. A real good down home example of mindful living.

Prayer and Meditation:

Yoga Nidra with Amy Weintraub : This is a great short meditation that can restore and refresh. It deals with stress, anxiety and even the blues.

General Resources for Parents:

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

This is a center that is great fun for the whole family. Classes and retreats are offered for the whole family and the location is serene.

Himalayan Institute- Retreat Center for Yoga, Meditation and Wellness

A Center with wisdom that really hits the mark. Lots are great resources to guide you.